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life with Trump XVII

The Donald supporters were pissed
But Dorian Gray they have kissed!
Measured in fathoms
Their brains’ empty chasms
All hail the chief narcissist

Author's Note: Sunshine Smile's recent post, "Showtime," inspired me to write thisHer poem really speaks to me    

"The Picture of Dorian Gray" is a philosophical novel by Oscar Wilde, first published complete in the July 1890 issue of Lippincott's Monthly Magazine as described in WikipediaI urge those who are unfamiliar with the story to check out the plot

I do understand people's anger It's unfortunate the rest of us didn't do more to retrain and help the folks between the coasts--like the former coal minersI really liked Bernie SandersHillary was more a representation of the status quoI think she lost the election when she called Donald supporters, "deplorables." She didn't get it

"Make America Great Again," is doublespeak for, "Take advantage of the downtrodden and poor." We all share the same planet and its resourcesThere will be blowback from what we are doing in this countryNo wall or immigration ban will keep us safe from ourselves and what we representWe have not yet embraced sustainability, and I sincerely doubt the richest cabinet in history will have an intent to help minersMine owners are the ones they want to helpStay tuned worldIt is "showtime."

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Mike Browns Body

Mike Browns Body

There was a young man named Brown
Who walked to the store downtown.
He never made it home,
Now an outline in a chalk zone
Where his body for hours was lain
This created scene, by a cop so mean
Caused an outright global uproar.
While his hands were raised up;
he mowed a human down-
Which caused America's rage.
The masses were now crazed.
The crowd rebelled,People maced and jailed
But The world chanted Ferguson Down.!
"Burn baby burn America must learn" !
There will be no liberty, til lives rule over property.

Poem Details | by john williams |
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The Hayne Plane

The Hayne plane took America by storm,
The Yanks soon realised he was not the norm,
He dodged through gaps
As he downed his flaps,
The opposition looked quite forlorn.

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The Fall Of America

Sitting here in my jammies writing away Now what brilliant things do I have to say How bout a rhyme Bout the Roman Empire decline Or the fall of America if HE gets his way

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Limerick crochet: The Saga of Sea Anne-Anne

Limerick crochet: The Saga of Sea Anne-Anne

Once the Captain of the good ship Anne-Anne
Took to the waves to conquer the main.
Slept round the clock mid-ship
Towed his women aft-ship:
Yet women and ship turned on him in pain.

The Flying Oarsman won America gain
And tamed the raging waters Sea Anne-Anne.
One cup he never won
Was the Darling fourth one:
A touching tale this: the tears shed by Jane!

© TWignesan – Paris, 2013

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Campaigning must be very laborious For democrat Hilary Clintorious Folks say she’ll oust Donald Trump Enthroned when taking a dump These nasty rumours are so darn spurious! May God Bless America - she sure needs all the help she can get! Thanks to Duke Beaufort for letting me use his line 'Hillary Clintorious' 1st August 2016

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Big Political Poem

Times and Protests

Times and protests are troubling
All of our problems started doubling
In minds Trumps seeds are planted
With him as President are disenchanter
White House water has stopped bubbling.

For hours at poles we waited
Can this election be invalidated
Due to Trump and trumped up lies
To every voter was a total surprise
With much doubt had been satiated.

Move To Another State

So maybe me and my mate
Will be moving to another state
Who Hillary did support
Never selling her short
Foolishness will be final fate.

From voting booths we were escorted
Even some of us were deported
Thanks to Trump's growing demands
A President who has small hands
Rhetorical questions from Russia were imported.

We will have to hail to the king
Which will be a new thing
Who is a worthless impostor
Won't find name on a memorial roster
God Bless America never knew how to sing.

She was an item made for a collector
And so sad that we did not select her
Some sat in silence and never voted
For Trump who only himself promoted
About to become our new director.

All of the polls sure were all swayed
Towards Hillary whose plans were well laid
People to polls no longer came
Hillary lost which was a shame
With our minds polls have played.

Has been a high note and a road
But why would we want a fat toad
About to explode sounding like a third grader
Bragging about being a world trader
God, from my mind take off a load.

What we want is harmony and continuity
Not Trump and all of his pure stupidity
Now what we stated seeing clearly
Was Hillary almost won nearly
Trump will increase moral morbidity.

(This will be sudden death to all morals.)

Where in the world will we begin
Do we always have to hear it again
Same old song they sang and were playing
And In front of TV had been laying
As irritated skin started to become thin.

We would have absolutely died
If Trump with great wisdom tried
In each plan describe what he meant
Regarding all of the money to be spent
About how much of story had he lied.

Was it somewhat transparent or superficial
About each impact starting out initial
When we turned and looked around
His appearance made us spellbound
Trump being President is official.

Here they all are hot off the press.
Now if they will put any of them 
in their newspapersIt only takes
a little intelligence to understand
what my poems are saying and proving.
My poems belong in the minds of
each beholder even if younger or older

James Thesarious Hilarious Horn
Retired Veteran and Proud Poet

Who likes doing poetic justice
to everythingSo you should set 
up a poetry page in your erudite

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Observations after Third Hillary Trump Debate

I wrote these limericks after last
nights Hillary and Trump debate.

Democracy will determine where we go
And more about it you start to know
More certain and sure are bound to feel
When of approval give it a great seal
Carry with wherever you decide to go.

Trump had gone on an exotic excursion
Of Hillary's mind and its dispersion
As usual again he became belligerent
About things that are insignificant
And accept results voters are urging.

Women in front of Trump did parade
None ever received a passing grade
And Hillary was great with generosity
He was full of lies having animosity
Run for President should have forbade.

Support for Hillary was over whelming
She was successful after storm calming
Again at peace to America she brought
After Trump and very terrible onslaught
His body should experience embalming.

Now come onThis should have reaised
a few eyebrows and created chuckles.

Jim Horn

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While sending out this email
Surely felt a sense of betrayal
From those in America who live
And find them hard to forgive
What will the future entail.

Jim Horn

As a retired veteran Trump is a slap in the face.
Wonder how Captain Khan's parents are accepting
all of this

May Be Resented

If by no one was I consented
Catch disease, may be prevented
To ballot box had proceeded
By Hillary was badly needed
Gave up and Trump relented.

Jim Horn

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Perfect Excuse

Perfect Excuse

We finally found a perfect excuse
50th anniversary and going on a cruise
On Holland America well known
For being a place we call our own
No longer ourselves will we abuse.

Leaving this morning for two weeks
See lovely beaches and tall peaks
Best views that we ever had
And going on we are very glad
Seagulls sang songs through their beaks.

Jim Horn

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For the love of Donald

There once was a president called Donald.
Who had more money than Ronald McDonald
An old perv with the lasses  
who hoodwinked the masses 
I cant believe america swallowed his waffle.

Inspired by the queen of the limericks Jan

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

Run Off Trump Mouth

Run Off Trump Mouth

Run off big mouth he had the urge
Of America Trump is now new scourge
On his debts did another exclusive
How to women had been abusive
People like Trump we need a purge.

Jim Horn

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Categories: allegory, analogy,

In America Horn Limerick

In America Horn Limerick

In America moves hands of time

Go to church hearing bells chime

Love each other like God meant

No one resent and always repent

While writing poems that do rhyme.

Jim Horn

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Among Crowds Mingle

Among Crowds Mingle

Among crowds always like to mingle
Which does make my soul tingle
Seeing how happy people are
In America in bright new car
An RBI can be caused by a single.

Jim Horn

Here is another word you can think about
without any doubt.

verb | MAH-luh-fye  
1 :
to soothe in temper or disposition : appease
2 :
to reduce the rigidity of : soften
3 :
to reduce in intensity : assuage, temper

Which is what we need to do with everyone's campaigns.

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Categories: allegory, analogy, humorous,

Expert and Import

Expert and Import

Some have said that I am an expert
And can tell by way I wear my shirt
When to America things they import
Either they are small or too short;
So be on look at and also alert.

For my wife Jill whose European 
shoes were way too short she
just received FedEx the other day.

Am going to try to include an
explanation for each one of my
poemsThink that is a great
idea Andrea had like all the 
others she has been know to
have along with her poems.

James Thesarious Hilarious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

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While In Waiting

While In Waiting

While in waiting she was expecting
To hospital husband started directing
So there a birth would give
In America we love to live
Only the best were we selecting.

James Horn

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Categories: humorous,

Ran Shaking and Backing

Earth Quaking

He was trying to receive our backing
All of America started ran shaking
Taking our benefits away
Am sure with no delay
Whole earth will be quaking.

Or what's up doc was quacking 

Jim Horn

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Categories: allegory, analogy, political,

Met With Deep Regret

Met With Deep Regret

Remember when Trump and I first met;
After I did it had been with deep regret;
Dam badly broken;
Coal miners choking;
And only much worse would things get.

All of this confirms my opinionDemocrats
wanted Trump to be electedThey knew
Trump would screw things up including
a poor foreign diplomacy and ruining of
an Only America attitudeNo one wants 
him at their church which is why he has
not selected oneThey don't want tainted
money in their collection plateAlso, the
new health care bill will passIt will worsen
health coverage and eliminate many from 
having itLocal constituents will be made
and not vote for the incumbent Republicans.

Jim Horn 

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: angst,

How Can America

How Can America

How can America I ever forgive
Here In land where I now live
Loved forever and then one day
Trump new President they did say
Their votes to him they did gave.

This is so hard to take.

James Serious Mysterious Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: appreciation,

Only The Best

Only the Best

While in waiting was also expecting
Then me hospital they were directing
So to child birth could give
In America we love to live
Only the best were we selecting.

Jim Horn

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Categories: humorous,

For Eve Roper

For Eve Roper,

Poets with a brain remain in Spain
Left America not standing the strain
Started writing each poem in Spanish;
Now no poet from Spain will they banish.
Sounds like great idea and not outlandish.

Guess you could call this a
Horn style limerick which 
I hope won't make you sick.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Franklin Price |
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This Could Be Washington's View

This could be Washington's View
Only slightly tongue in cheek
By Franklin Price

This could be Washington's view
They've nothing better to do
Get Trump quickly out
They stamp and they shout
He's not here for me or for you

He's here for the country we bleed
For sure not the money we need
He has billions and more
Needs no riches to score
Doesn't need our political creed 

The creed is not written this way
But  is how it is practiced today
If in congress I sit
I am a half wit
If I don't leave richer I say

Trump's here a lesson to teach
What he promised does not plan to breach
He has stepped on our toes
And our out of joint nose
We're finding a way to impeach

You're a fool if you don't see he lies
To the congress you seem to despise
We care so much for you
All America too
That thought crossed our fingers not eyes

Can't you see he's an egotist man
Foolishly doing all that he can
Makes  his own self look bad
We're exceedingly glad
His own fires continues to fan

Can't wait 'til he burns himself down
And on a rail he rides out of town
When we help him along
We seem to do it all wrong
And you laugh at the bumbling clowns

None of us knows what to do
Not Trump, not Congress, not you
Who caused all this mess?
All of us I would guess
Can't resist as we tighten the screw

If we don't quickly come to our senses
Work together to raise our defenses
Russia won't be the big threat
If we fall further yet
Haiti could conquer our fences

Poem Details | by Sandison Jumbo |
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Thumping Hilary

Thumping Hilary

Hillary had thought trash of Donald Trump
And prayed him, that America should dump
She spent time on the jabber
That he was a ‘Pee’ grabber
The election came; Trump gave her a thump!

July 4, 2017

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Shores Ignores and Snores

Shores Ignores and Snores

While I was watching some ocean shores,
Here in America Trump everyone ignores;
Put out of my mind;
Never want to find,
And you should hear him when he snores.

Jim Horn