Limerick Poem: The Biggest Loser's Sundress
Colorful flowers and spaghetti straps
And my flabby arms from seams overlap
    But the sundress still beckons
    It’s diet time, I reckon
Girdle needed, my tummy to entrap

Seeking new ways for calories to burn
To wear that sundress, I’ll let famine churn
     Want to look provocative
     Avoid stares accusative
Hunger overwhelms, for ice cream I yearn

Sign up for Biggest Loser on TV
So Jillian Michaels can torture me
     Pushing boulders up steep hills
     To accentuate the frills
Of a small sundress designed for Twiggy

Jillian cracks the whip with no remorse
I drag tired bones through the exercise course
     Now slim, I sleep peacefully
     Blessed with deep serenity
While friends say, “She makes a beautiful corpse.”     

*Entry for “The Sundress,” a contest sponsored by Constance La France ~A 
Rambling Poet~
by Carolyn Devonshire