Limerick Poem: Andrea Dietrich and Dunkirk
Andrea Dietrich and Dunkirk

Sure seem to be so many similarities,
Along with varieties and familiarities;
When compared,
And also shared;
Sometimes disturbed by disparities.

Do take awesome Battle of Dunkirk,
And way out everything would work;
Harvey hurricane,
Sadness remain;
Much love was there as it would lurk. 

There are so many similarities between
Battle of Dunkirk, Hurricane Harvey,
Mrs. Miniver's Rose and Gwaltney
Island. All of the children had to be
removed and taken to the English
mainland. The island knew that they
would be overtaken by the Germans
during World War II. English people
went over to Dunkirk in boats. The
Battle of Normandy also reminds 
me of much of this.       Jim Horn