Limerick Poem: A Series Of Limericks
We have Poet Destroyer in the lead 
She will take out your heart and make it bleed 
She has a big smile 
Drives all the boys wild 
She is the poet we all do need 

There is a tipsy man named Arthur 
Who tried to get all the girls to purr 
He drew up his sword 
When he gets too bored 
To show the girls his wordly allure 

Tim is the romantic one we seek 
He tells of how life makes him weak 
He is kind and sweet 
Charming and real neat 
The ladies all listen when he'll speak 

There was a young dirty slut 
Who had small boobs and no butt 
She walked like a boy 
Which gave her no joy 
and was teased that she was a mutt 

A beautiful lady with brown eyes 
Had bosoms pointing up to the skies 
She wiggled her waist 
showing off a taste 
of what was between her silky thighs  

A dirty old man lived down the block 
Every night he walked at eight o' clock 
Whistled at ladies 
He spoke real shady 
In his pocket he carried his rock 

A young girl who lived in the woods 
Played with all the cops and the hoods
Big long guns they all had
Making the young girl glad
She let them all play with her goods

Little Timmy could do no wrong 
With the girls he would sing a song 
He was a smart lad 
Making the girls glad 
When he played pocket ping pong